About Us

Welcome to the LBSA website! Formed as a Supporters Association in 2014, the LBSA, with the help of Supporters Direct,  became a Supporters Trust in July 2018 when the London Broncos Supporters Society Ltd. was registered as a Community Benefit Society with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

The first Annual General Meeting in March 2019 decided to lay down some fundamental objectives of the new Trust. They are:

  • to be a growing Trust that communicates well with its members and the wider Rugby League community
  • to promote the Rugby League Community in London
  • to improve communications between London Broncos and its fans
  • to have a transparent club that communicates well with its fans
  • to celebrate the heritage of London Broncos and organise appropriate activities to celebrate it
  • to have strong links between the London Broncos fans and the local community in which London Broncos play

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The first Trust Board was elected at the AGM in March 2019. Members are

  • Dave Farrar
  • Liam Hickey
  • Denis Houlan
  • Wendy Houlan (co-opted member)
  • Bob McGill-Watson
  • Steve Newcombe (Secretary / Treasurer)
  • Jake Rainbow
  • Mark Reynolds (Chair)

As the 2020 AGM was cancelled due to the Coronavirus lockdown, a ballot of Board Members at the 2021 AGM will determine who seeks re-election in 2021 and 2022.

A copy of the Society’s Rules can be found HERE.
Minutes of meetings including Financial Report can also be found here
General Meeting August 2019
Board Meeting June 2019
Annual General Meeting March 2019