Become A Member

The London Broncos Supporters Association (LBSA) was formally launched at a meeting at the Old Kings Head on Thursday March 20th 2014. The meeting decided the membership should be FREE; although we hope members will contribute on a voluntary basis to support the day to day activity, as well as “sponsor” particular projects as the Association gets to work.

To become a member you must agree to the following Terms and Conditions

  1. Any contributions, whether in the form of an annual subscription or donations of money, are not a financial investment and cannot be refunded once the transfer has been made.
  2. Any contribution to LBSA from a member will be held in common for the benefit of all members and will be used to meet the objectives of LBSA.
  3. As a non-profit making, no financial return or a distribution of profits, will be made to its members.
  4. On winding up or dissolution of LBSA any surpluses can be transferred to a sporting charity or charities within the area and/or one of more societies established for the benefit of the community.
  5. The data contained on this application form will be held in, analysed and used by the LBSA Committee solely for purposes of LBSA, and this data may be transferred to electronic media such as a database.



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