Fulham Players Get Together 2017

Heritage Week kicked off in style on Sunday July 16th with our Fulham Players Get Together hosted by Rochdale Hornets at the Broncos Championship fixture.

Supporters were joined by ten Fulham players, as well as Colin Welland’s son Christy and Colin’s Oscar won in 1982 for the screenplay of Chariots of Fire.

The event was graced with three members of the LBSA Hall of Fame; Reg Bowden, Tony Gourley, and Hussein M’Barki, and Heritage Certificates were presented to all players who had not attended Heritage Day 2016.

Reg spoke of his pride in what Fulham had achieved, and hoped the club would continue to build successfully in the future. Christy spoke of the passion his Dad had for the game and for Fulham in particular, and how proud he would have been to have attended the event.

All the photos I have are below – feel free to send any you have to add in.