Supporters Trust – Your Views

Following the decision of the LBSA meeting last November to explore the possibility of converting to a Supporters Trust, the debate centred on member feedback.

Now we’ve met with Supporters Direct and the Fulham Supporters Trust we’ll be consulting members again, with the plan to make a decision on becoming a Trust at next year’s AGM; probably in February / March.

Here are the comments from last year.

Dave says Yes. “100% fully support. It will show people we will do everything we can to safeguard Broncos future.”

Adam says “I think this is a great idea and at the right time to make the change.”

A note of caution from Andy. “Have the Broncos management been informed of this proposed change? If so what has been the reaction?
I feel that the support is growing and a more active support group can do nothing but benefit the Club as a whole.”

In answer to this point the answer is yes; Broncos management are aware that the debate is taking place and what the change to a Trust could mean. I have had no objection from them on this, in fact I told them that personally I would welcome David Hughes as Trust member number 1!

In a similar vein Matthew says “As long as the idea is supported by the club then I think this is a great idea and firms up the purpose.
It is also a good way to raise funds as I am aware of a few people who would be up for becoming members based on a membership scheme etc. You will probably find a significant increase in membership numbers.”

Also from Jeff “How would the present owners feel. We would not want to alienate them. Others supporters trust have memberships in thousands would our couple of hundred be viable.”

Forever positive Alan says “Together we are stronger in mind and in body as a Trusted LBSA TEAM we should go for this all the way and show our intentions are serious as valuable members of the LBSA wanting to play our part in the future of our CLUB the LONDON BRONCOS”

Janet has “read through the material and it sounds like a good idea, giving fans more say in the club and helping to ensure they are not taken for granted. it should help to give more of a two way process between fans and club, keeping fans up to date with what is going on and not keeping them in the dark.

Paul C is not sure. “I have been talking to other fans about this, I cannot see how this can work due to our small fan Base. If you look at pompey they had a bigger fan Base. By asking for £10 pounds for a membership is a good idea and worth it. Will there be enough to cover the costs of assisting running a sports club.”

Brian says “It appears a sensible development, particularly as the club appears more settled. Cannot see any downside to this move.”

From Robert “I think the LBSA has made a great deal of difference at the club, but as David Hughes won’t be around forever and can be a bit ‘unpredictable’ I think it would be a good idea for the Association to make the step to becoming a Trust.
If the aims are to include a permanent home for the club, community outreach, and taking in lead in promoting the game in the Capital then let’s do it. Sooner rather than later. Better to try and not succeed than to be left with a great big ‘what if’.”

Jake believes “it would make a real statement of intent and allow us to have a say in our club in the long term.”

From Paul D “We need to be in a position to help the new owner when David calls it a day – to do this being a trust and owning part of the club must be the way forward.”

Sean says “It has to be worth it to start planning for the future. Finding a permanent home should be a priority I think. To have an influence in the future we, as a group, need to have a say in the running of the club. A supporters trust sounds a great way to move forward.”

Phil says simply “Sounds like a plan”!

Guy is also not sure. “Only concern is whether there are enough people involved to be able to make it happen. I would imagine there is a huge amount of work needed not just to get it going but to keep it going.
I think supporters trust ownership would be a wonderful objective but not sure there are the numbers to see that through.
Think what you do is wonderful. All power to you.”

From Henry “A financial investment in the club can only be good for the future of the London Broncos.”

Wendy says “We would have more say in the club”