Try Time

Try Time was introduced for the 2016 season to compliment the 100 Club; adding another way of growing the 100 Club Fund used to sponsor the Broncos Academy, and extending the reach of this fundraising to supporters not members of the 100 Club and supporters of our visitors. In fact Rick from Halifax was our first winner!

Tickets are available for just £1 that cover the whole of the first half in blocks of seconds, some blocks larger than others to cover the change in likelihood of the time of the first try as the half wears on.

The time that the referee points to the floor is taken as the Try Time, and this time is announced during the game. Winnings are available at half time and after the game at the LBSA stand in the Main Bar. Typical prize is £30. If the time of the first try is not sold, or if the prize is not claimed, the prize rolls over to the next game.

Try Time so far has added around £600 to the 100 Club Fund; lets hope it goes from strength to strength in 2018.