Association Members Ride the Train with Buck and Dusty


London Broncos Supporters Association members with Buck and Dusty

Members of the newly formed London Broncos Supporters Association joined Buck and Dusty in Central London yesterday (15th) evening; riding the Jubilee Line and touring Westminster to engage with Londoners and raise the Broncos’ profile in the city.

“We were keen as an Association to help the Club as much as we can to reach out to Londoners and supporters of the game” said Association Secretary Steve Newcombe. “Its a small step I know but the first opportunity of many for the Club to re-engage with the fans, and the wider London community.”

The event was a successful one, with Buck and Dusty creating a stir wherever they went.

Mark Reynolds, the Association’s Chair, was overwhelmed by the response.“It is staggering what effect a couple of horses on the Tube can have! We had children running to cuddle them; groups of teenagers clambering to have photos taken with them, and many people carrying on as if this was just another day on the Tube!”

“But as important from my point of view was the positive feeling of the whole thing; the chance we as fans have grabbed to start to make a difference, and frankly what a great time we all had!”

The Association is keen to engage as many fans of the Club as possible, and a fresh push on recruitment will start this week with the inclusion of an advertisement in the Match Day Programme for the crucial game against Catalan Dragons on Thursday.

“We are planning a few key events as an Association during the season” said Newcombe. “We aim to continue working with the Club as much as we can, respect the history and great players of our Club, and have some good times before the season is out”