Coach to Championship Final?

Not counting chickens here, just planning ahead!

We have a real chance to make it to the Championship Shield Final on Sunday October 4th; our game kicks off at 4.30pm. We obviously won’t know until the week before whether we’ll be there or not but are you interested in us travelling together in a Coach to the game if we do?

I have preliminary pricing for a coach and I think we should be looking at around £30 or just under per seat (as was the trip to Leigh earlier this season). We do come from far and wide in the South and so even if you are planning to go a Coach may not be for you. If we are to run a Coach we need an indication of likely numbers. I think we’ll leave from the Hive around 11, but with the later kickoff we will be late back!

Use this form to let me know if you’re interested, or indeed if you’re not and any comments you have about the plan.


Championship Shield