Hall of Fame to be announced at Wigan game on July 5th

Members present at the inaugural meeting of the London Broncos Supporters Association stressed how important honouring the history of the Club was; alongside continuing to support the players and staff and to help the Broncos promote the Club and sport in trying times.

“We felt it was very important to hold a dignified and respectful event to honour those who have played for the club in its various guises for nearly thirty five years” said Association Secretary Steve Newcombe. “Having shared this ambition with the Broncos they were only too willing to work with us to deliver this, and have ultimately integrated the Hall of Fame in to the pre-game event against Wigan next Saturday (July 5th)”

The Hall of Fame induction will therefore play an integral part in the pre-game “Lunch with Martin Offiah and Friends”; those friends being Shaun Edwards and Mike Ford.

Niel Wood from the Broncos was behind the idea of incorporating the Hall of Fame inauguration into the event.“We’re happy that this wonderful lunch will be inducting members to our Supporters’ Association Hall of Fame. We’ve decided to recognise the special place the 1980 game between Fulham and Wigan holds with the Club and its fans. This is the biggest event we have worked with the Supporters Association on so far, and I’m sure there will be many more to come.”

Seven players will be foundation members of the Hall of Fame; spanning the Fulham, Crusaders, Broncos and Quins RL eras.

“We may be struggling this year but as members of the Supporters Association we are determined to make a difference” said Association Chair Mark Reynolds. “We’ve had some great players in the past, and we are rightly going to honour them, but we will do whatever we can to make sure we have many more great players in the future”