Is it Time to Become a Trust?

We had a very good discussion at the last General Meeting focussed on whether we are ready to become a more formal organisation as a Supporters Trust; indeed whether we want to take that step now. We heard from representatives of Supporters Direct and the Fulham Supporters Trust about why they think Trust status is worthwhile.

In a nutshell they believe that by becoming a Trust we are in a better position to have our say; the Supporters Trust movement has the support of the Rugby Football League, and Supporters Direct is working with the RFL to introduce Structured Dialogue across the game between Clubs and Supporters.

Both organisations pledged to support us, regardless of whether we become a Trust to not. The Fulham trust recognises our shared history and would welcome the chance to celebrate that shared history together.

We had a general debate around a year ago that was generally supportive of the move. I’m hoping you can take few moments to answer a few questions that came out of last month’s meeting. Our AGM early next year may well make a decision on this issue, and we could become a Trust in April next year. If we do go down this road, this will very much be the beginning of the journey and not the end!


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