LBSA plea to Halifax to reconsider Broncos fixture date change

The LBSA has written to Halifax in the hope they will reconsider the move of the Halifax game from Sunday to Saturday.

“I realise that the venue change is still subject to Broncos and RFL approval, but I hope you will reconsider this decision for the sake of the dedicated band of Broncos travelling fans.

The venue change itself would not necessarily be an issue, it’s the change of date that is the real cause of concern. Our fans may be few but they are passionate, and with the amount of travelling required for EVERY home game buying rail tickets well in advance makes a massive difference in costs over the season. There are many people therefore that now have tickets they have no use for, and will either have to pay again (at a massive price increase) or plan to drive the hundreds of miles at short notice.

Given that the reason is pitch maintenance it is baffling that we were not able to be given much more notice of this, but again I reiterate it is the change of day not venue that is the real concern for us.

I hope you reconsider and move the game back to the Sunday; I don’t think it would be good for any of us if the Broncos or RFL were forced in to a conflict with you over this.”