November 100 Club result

The 100 Club October winners are

1st    £72  26  Gary Tetlow
2nd   £43   1  Derek Rocholl
3rd   £29  22  Aaron Lomax

Membership of the 100 Club is open to all members (you can join HERE for free). Details on joining the 100 Club can be found HERE. We now have an even easier way to get 100 Club membership and quite a few members have taken advantage of this already. Just click the button below and easily setup a regular £5 payment ready for the March draw!

November’s 100 Club added another £146 to our Fund, meaning we have raised over £3,300 in total (through the 100 Club and match-day TryTime). The 100 Club Fund was used to sponsor the Broncos Academy in 2016, and it hoped we can do the same if not more in 2017.