October 100 Club results

We had 68 numbers in the October draw. This month’s winners are

Wendy Burnip
Steve Newcombe (yes me!)
Alan Elrick

Membership of the 100 Club is open to all members (you can join the LBSA HERE for free). Details on joining the 100 Club can be found HERE. You can even buy 12 months membership at our Online Store!

We also have an even easier way to get 100 Club membership and quite a few members have taken advantage of this already. Just click the button below and easily setup a regular £5 payment ready for the September draw!

October’s 100 Club added another £171 to our Fund (we have raised well over £4,500 since the launch of the 100 Club), and the 100 Club Fund has allowed us to sponsor the Academy since 2016; and sponsor the Academy LBSA Man of the Match Award for 2018. Great news is that we will be continuing our Academy sponsorship in 2019, and each year we have significantly increased the amount we pass to the Broncos.