Predictions Competition

The last weekend of Predictions 2017 produced the first change in lead for months, and Darren pipped Big Al to the post by four points to be our first Predictions winner! Time now to do it all again, with entries accepted until the end of February.

Bob will be keeping tally again. Each entry will again be £5, and the winner will win 35% of the pot, with 15% for the runner up. Again its money back for the person propping up the table!

Points will be awarded as follows

  • A win in Super League, Super Eights, and NRL is 4 points
  • A Championship or Middle Eights win is worth 3
  • A League 1 or Bottom Eights is worth 2
  • All draws win 1 point
  • Your try scorer brings you 1 point per try

Points will be awarded during the Regular Season and Eights in the UK, and the Regular Season in the NRL.

But it won’t stop there! This season we will be adding the Challenge Cup and all Playoff and Finals games in to the mix. Starting at the Challenge Cup Fourth Round in March (the round the Broncos enter the Competition), Prediction players can predict the winners and winning margin of every Challenge Cup game, and then the winners and winning margin of each Playoff andd Finals fixture. ONE point will be won for the correct winning Prediction, ONE point if your winning margin is also correct within +/- 5 points, and a THIRD point if your winning margin prediction is correct.

All will become clear when we get there; these fixtures will appear on this page for all Predictions members to complete their entries.

Current standings.