Sponsors 1980 Club Invite

As sponsors of the Academy again this year, we have been invited to join the Broncos as their guest at the 1980 Club hospitality at our first home game against Hull KR on Sunday February 12th.

This will be hospitality for two; the itinerary is below. The package includes a 2 course meal and a seat in the covered upper grandstand to view the game against Hull Kingston Rovers (kick off 3pm). Lunch will be served in the 1980 Club located in the Olympic Pavillion at 1:40pm (following the final whistle of the Academy game kicking off at 12pm)

Hull KR 1980 Club

There’s not much time to organise this; responses with names must be sent to the Broncos on Monday February 6th. As we are ALL sponsors then we should all have a chance to represent the LBSA at this event. We can also raise some money for the Association at the same time!

So the offer of this hospitality is open to any member. If you wish to have a chance to join this hospitality, pay just £6 and your name will be entered in a draw for this hospitality. The winner will then be able to take the guest of their choice to the event.

100 Club members are the reason we can sponsor the Academy and so any member of the 100 Club who enters this will have their name entered three times in the draw.

You can pay via PayPal by clicking on the Donate button from HERE; You can also pay by GoCardless by clicking HERE. Unfortunately given the short notice we can only accept payment by either of these methods.

So the winner will get two seats and hospitality; if you have a Season Ticket anyway you get hospitality and the chance to bring someone who may otherwise not have seen the game! If you are not a Season Ticket holder then the whole day will be included! 1980 Club hospitality costs £50 each (£30 if you already have a match day ticket) so this is potentially worth £100!  All who enter will be contributing to the coffers of the Association.